Blockchain Company Leading the Web 3.0 Transformation | Beyond Protocol

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Blockchain Company Leading the Web 3.0 Transformation | Beyond Protocol

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Web 3.0 is the next stage in the internet’s evolution. It will have more intuitive AI systems and a more robust user experience. Web 3.0 is decentralized and self-governing, relying heavily on decentralized tools like cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs.

Beyond Protocol develops technologies that enhance communication between internet-connected devices with boosted security.

The company designs systems for new tech equipment like self-driving cars and biometric wearables. The Beyond Protocol is better than the conventional TCP/IP protocol created to serve a network of stationary computers. As a result, the new world will be able to be connected to a myriad of devices that, for the first time, will be secure and can communicate with each other.

“Beyond Protocol provides developers with the ability to go into any device in the world and allow them with blockchain architecture to leverage it and make it probabilistically impossible to hack. Moreover, once these devices are unhackable and secure, developers can come in and start connecting them together. A myriad of devices, any combination you can think of, now for the first time they are secure and they are equipped to communicate with each other so you can develop what we call mega apps.” – Beyond Protocol Inc CEO Jonathan Manzi

With one line of Beyond Protocol’s code, developers will have the ability to go into any device in the world implementing blockchain architecture to make it probabilistically impossible to hack. This ability will allow for some pretty cool and futuristic sounding applications between internet-of-things (IoT) devices.

For example, if a fire is detected using a sensor, a drone can be deployed to put out that particular fire.

Or the world’s first blockchain-powered EV charging infrastructure. No need to download multiple apps and fumble around trying to configure them. There will be no need to fear a bad actor will breach a patchwork system and cause harm. Instead, when an electric vehicle pulls up to a Beyond Protocol charging station, it automatically authenticates, telling the charging station optimal charging settings, and pays in fiat. Beyond Protocol has launched the first phase of this system in partnership with Stripe.

Currently, Beyond Protocol’s market capitalization is approximately $100 million.


00:00 – Beyond Protocol Inc CEO Jonathan Manzi
00:46 – Beyond Protocol overview
02:29 – Technology company cooperation
05:40 – Ethics & trust
11:05 – Dystopian AI
12:34 – Web 3.0, Metaverse & EVs
16:41 – Government surveillance & Bitcoin $BTC

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