Bloomberg and Twitter team on data-driven crypto content

Other video products include “What You Need to Know” clips, in which Bloomberg will post a big mover, development or announcement in the crypto world multiple times a week. Another segment series will feature influential voices in the crypto world providing insights, including takes from financial influencers, or “finfluencers.”

“This is the perfect time to expand our long-standing partnership with Bloomberg Media and bring more of their content to Twitter,” said Sarah Rosen, head of U.S. entertainment and news partnerships at Twitter. “Crypto conversation on Twitter is exploding and we’re thrilled to have Bloomberg provide their authoritative voice on the topic, breaking down the trends, the coins, the global impact and everything in between as we enter this new frontier of global currency.”

Outside of content under its @Crypto handle, which already has more than 805,000 followers on Twitter, Bloomberg will launch additional video franchises on Twitter in 2022 and 2023. It also plans to host multiple Twitter Spaces each week while expanding engagement with these Spaces to international markets. Bloomberg will continue to stream its premiere live events internationally on Twitter.

The crypto-focused partnership is a renewal of a partnership between the two companies that began in 2016. For example, Bloomberg’s multi-platform streaming network, Quicktake (formerly TicToc) launched in 2017 in partnership with Twitter. Bloomberg’s other handles on Twitter include @Business, @Climate and @Technology.

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