Comic Creator Rob Liefeld Creates New Superhero Universe as NFT

Comic legend Rob Liefeld is taking a gamble on blockchain technology and is releasing an entirely new line of comics in the form of NFTs.

With the art world adjusting to the new territory of NFTs, comics icon Rob Liefeld is getting in on the action by creating a brand-new series utilizing the technology. NFTs have made a huge splash in the art community and creators all over are finding new ways of applying them to their own works. Liefeld is no different, aiming to create an entire line of comics exclusively for the NFT market.

Non-fungible tokens, simplified as NFTs, are unique units of data stored on digital ledgers known as blockchains and have quickly become a huge topic of debate. Some argue that NFTs provide an opportunity for artists to easily profit off of their work while the blockchain technology allows for quick verification. Others point out that NFTs are no less vulnerable to fraud and the process involved in creating an NFT (otherwise known as “minting”) contributes to C02 emissions. As the discourse goes on, some well-known artists are eager to use the technology to explore a new era of comic distribution.


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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, comic creator Rob Liefeld excitedly revealed new details of his upcoming comic The Defiants and his future plans involving NFTs. The Defiants will be the first of four comics distributed exclusively on digital art market MakersPlace. Liefeld claims that he has “desired to use publishing platforms to push the distribution of fresh concepts and characters” and that he’s “utilizing the platform of NFTs to launch a new world filled with exciting new faces and legacies.” Liefeld was mum about his new project, though he does promise the new series features “the wildest characters I’ve ever created.

The Defiants Rob Liefeld NFT Comic MakersPlace

The bold direction for Liefeld may be controversial to some, but he’s not the first comic creator to experiment with the new realm of non-fungible tokens. In March 2021, Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt revived his acclaimed series to auction off a one-shot story called “The Artifact” on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. To celebrate Sin City’s 30th anniversary, Frank Miller teamed up with Concept Art House and Gala Games to produce exclusive Sin City-themed NFTs. His piece I Love You, Nancy Callahan was auctioned off for over $800,000 making it one of the most expensive comic book NFTs ever produced. While the merits of NFTs can and should be debated, it’s no surprise why some high profile artists are gravitating toward the non-fungible medium.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the last several years over the lack of proper compensation given to artists for their professional work in comics. The shift to NFTs can simply be seen as an extension of the migration of artists to creator-owned works, but on a more digital scale. While the future is unclear on where the larger comic industry is headed with NFTs, creators like Rob Liefeld could be getting ahead of the curve by making their own line of comics for the blockchain market.

The Defiants will be available January 20th, 2022 on MakersPlace.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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