EVOS Esports introduces NFT gaming in Indonesia with Avarik Saga

Southeast Asian esports organisation EVOS Esports has partnered with Avarik Saga, a Japanese RPG NFT P2E metaverse game, to expand the former’s collection of games, including the adoption of blockchain-based games.

Set to launch in the third quarter of this year, Avarik Saga is a strategic team-building game under the Japanese RPG genre that aims to bring the modern game experience into the NFT metaverse space. Under the partnership, EVOS Esports will introduce blockchain technology to potentially untapped audiences in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. This includes people who have not previously engaged with NFTs or games in general.

According to EVOS, it believes NFT play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse games such as Avarik Saga can empower fans and communities, and this partnership will propel the company towards its ambition of becoming the first blockchain game company in Indonesia.

Michael Wijaya, CMO of EVOS, said that he is very excited that EVOS can help Avarik Saga tap into existing local gaming communities and introduce the first Indonesian NFT P2E Metaverse RPG game, as well as foster a solid relationship to spearhead the blockchain game experience.

In September last year, Avarik Saga released its first playable NFT character collection of 8,888 genesis NFTs, which sold out in less than an hour. The collection is currently available for trading in a secondary NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

While leveraging the enticement of RPG gameplays, Avarik Saga itself aims to use its P2E format, coupled with the enticement of RPG gameplays, to help accelerate the mass-market adoption of NFT gaming in Southeast Asian countries.

Kevin Cahya, CEO of Avarik Saga, said that P2E is a mechanism that can only be a worthwhile venture if the game drives excitement and value to the community. “In the end, the core of the game itself has to be enjoyable. A strong lore that entices the user to the Avarik Saga universe, a clear game mechanic that is engaging and content that makes the player want to come back is key. So, we want to develop an attractive game that appeals to the masses, even Gojek drivers and warung (small shop) owners, so they can earn real money while experiencing a digital world,” he added.

EVOS spans across Southeast Asia, with regional teams in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The teams’ success are largely due to covering internationally renowned games such as Mobile Legend, ROV, Wildrift, Free Fire and PUBGM. It currently manages 160 gaming influencers exclusively and are partners with over 200 esports talents, with a total following of over 64 million YouTube subscribers, over 62 million Instagram followers, and over 350 million views per month across Southeast Asia. Its talents include Jonathan Liandi who has 2.7 million subscribers, and Dyland PROS who has 13.4 million subscribers.

In June last year, Allan Phang stepped down from his role as regional head of marketing and PR after over a year at EVOS Esports. Phang (pictured) told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE then that he wanted to take a short break. “It has been a really rewarding one year with EVOS Esports. I’ve learnt so much about connecting with brands, especially non-endemic brands and connecting with the media to create more awareness. It has also been exciting dealing with government agencies,” he said. According to Phang then, he was on the hunt for a role that focuses on marketing and business development, and is open to exploring various industries.

Separately, Indonesia-based game streaming platform GOX and Tencent Cloud recently entered a four-year partnership to offer livestreaming and esports solutions. The partnership aims to grow the local esports and content delivery ecosystem, whilst becoming an integral part of the entertainment market in Indonesia and Asia. The partnership will see GOX tap on Tencent’s streaming service and content delivery network, to offer low latency, seamless and stable gaming content to millions of viewers. 

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