GameFi 2.0 Represents Project—Legendary Retro

Legendary Retro is an epic 3D heavy-duty MMORPG developed based on the BSC chain. It has mining, staking, PVE, DeFi, NFT and DAO functions. You can build your character, challenge different types of copies, upgrade your character level, and get the best equipment.

Legendary Retro is a combination of NFT games. DeFi and role-playing. The game mechanism allows players to enjoy the social network experience with other community members while gaining fun and profit, thereby easily “playing games to make money.”

Investment institutions: GALAXY, DCM, Richmond, MetaStable, etc.


Players can upgrade to fight monsters in the legendary retro game. The maximum level is 12. Players can not only experience the thrill of fighting in the game, but also earn rich game rewards.

The token is MIC, the total amount is 2,000,000,000;

① Ecological fund: 10%; the release is completed in a total of 60 months.

The warehouse was locked in the first 6 months, and released linearly in the next 54 months, releasing 370,3703.7 MICs every month.

②The development team 10% initially release 1%, which is 2 million MIC;

Linear release after 6 months, 6% daily release, that is, 11.880000 MIC.

③Game Association (DAO): 30%

Total: 600 million MIC release rules: used for the guild pledged MIC equity income, a total of 60 months to gradually release;

Locked for 6 months, after 54 months, 1111.11 MIC will be released linearly every month.

④ “Play to Earn”: 35% Total: 700 million MIC Release rules: Each scene in the game, each task mainline, and each competition challenge will be released. Release description: The goal of “Play to Earn” tokens is to attract players to join the [Legend 4] ecosystem to earn token rewards, and to give ownership and equity to community members who contribute to the ecological construction.

⑤Others: 15% total: 300 million MICs are used for necessary activities such as IDO and market incentives.

It is reported that Legendary Retro will conduct its first IDO in 2022.01.06

IDO participation time: 2022/01/06 19:00 —— 2022/01/16 24:00

1 IDO MIC price 0.1U
2 Minimum investment: 100U
3 Maximum investment: 300U
4 IDO total amount: 20000000 MIC

Looking forward to the game’s launch, so that more people will experience the excitement of the Legendary Retro!

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