HeyGrowth Launches Web3 Growth Summit

HeyGrowth, a learning and networking platform, is organizing the Web3 Growth Summit — a virtual event on how to grow businesses and products in the Web3 industry.

The Web3 Growth Summit will take place from today, July 25 to 29, and will entail:

— Five days of  hyper-focused keynote speeches, workshops & Web3 trends on DAO and DeFi growth, NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse;

— 30 speakers from international Web3 products like Polygon, Oasis Foundation, Bitski, Tally, MetaVRse, and others.

— Insightful case studies, tools, strategies & behind-the-scenes secrets from top experts;

— Networking session with like-minded professionals and industry brightest people.

The latter is something not to miss out! During the networking session on July 29th you’ll:

  • Meet the brightest industry professionals who will help you grow faster during the networking session;
    • Get several times more useful contacts than you could do during offline networking;
    • Hop on the discussions, packed with insights and new business & career opportunities; 
    • Be sure there won’t be awkward silence. You don’t need to create a topic for conversation, there’s already a pool of ice-breaking questions.
    • Feel safe & comfortable. No need to show your face, your voice is enough. In case you don’t want to communicate with somebody, they won’t be able to write to you.

Join the Web3 Growth Summit to learn from the first-hand experience & grow.

Hop on the event and enjoy the 10% promo code INCRYPTO: Web3 Growth Summit


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