How to make and sell an NFT

How to make and sell an NFT is something a lot of artists and designers are exploring as a potential new avenue for creative business. NFT art continues to make headlines when pieces fetch mind-blowing prices in auctions, or ‘drops’. Even traditional auction houses like Christie’s have held NFT art auctions involving huge sums of money, and brands are working with artists and designers to create NFTs as part of their strategies to enter the metaverse.

It might still all seem very strange, but what seemed like it might be a short-lived fad shows no sign of petering out. So if non-fungible tokens are here to stay, at least for now, is it time to look at how to make make and sell an NFT as a possible route for your own creative work? We would first point out that the prices achieved by artists like Beeple or by well-known collectable NFTs such as CryptoPunks are still relatively rare, and that there are a lot of fees involved in generating, maintaining and selling an NFT. In fact, you may find the fees eat up a large portion of any sale price, and they could even leave you out of pocket depending on how much you sell your NFT for.

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