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DUBAI: TikTok for Business, the marketing arm of the social media platform, has published a report titled What’s Next that highlights categories of content that are expected to grow this year in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and the trends within each of them.

It explores the fashion, beauty and self-care, food and beverage, and technology categories, analyzing the content and cultural trends that emerged during 2021 and are forecast to make an impact in 2022.

“Our efforts over the past few years have been geared toward helping and educating brands on the possibilities TikTok has to offer and the best methods to engage with their communities to drive a real impact for their business,” Shant Oknayan, the general manager of global business solutions for TikTok in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told Arab News.

The consumption of technology-related content on the platform grew by 302 percent last year across the Gulf Cooperation Council area as users shared and learned more about new devices and virtual technologies. Popular trends on the platform include “Community Reviews” and “Creators Unplugged,” while emerging trends include “Repair Flex” and “TikTok Famous: Appliances.”

The consumption of beauty content increased by 169 percent last year across the region, with many users sharing makeup tutorials and skin-care regimens.

One notable trend that took off was the “fight against fake.” With glowing-skin filters becoming the norm across social media platforms, a growing number of creators are endorsing a more natural look and embracing their skin as it is. The most popular trends included “Tutorials Glow Up” and “Creator Glam Squads.” Rising trends included “Skin Positivity.”

Food and fashion are among the leading categories of content on TikTok with many trends rising and falling within them, said Oknayan. Recipe hacks such as three-ingredient cakes, #tortillafold and #fetapasta bakes are just some of the food trends to emerge from the platform.

Food and beverage content grew by 197 percent in the GCC area, with popular trends including “Edible Edutainment” and “A Feast for the Eyes — and Ears.” Emerging trends include “The Traveling Tastes of TikTok” and “Culinary Hacks.”

Consumption of fashion content on the platform grew by 287 percent in the GCC area last year, maintaining the momentum of the category’s popularity. The most popular content included modest fashion and hacks to turn everyday fashion into high fashion, along with impulse shopping thanks to hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

Upcoming trends include “Stitched & Sewn” and “Formal Wear’s #ForYou Comeback,” indicating a shift toward handmade, local fashion and the return of workwear as people begin to return to offices after working remotely during the pandemic.

“We hope that the insights shared in this report will help brands understand what can drive influence in 2022 so that they can plan better and, ultimately, create superior content,” said Oknayan.

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