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MAHE, SEYCHELLES / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2022 / After the metaverse popularity, Web 3.0 – is the new buzzword taking over the Internet world. Also known as the decentralized web, Web 3.0 is the third version of the Internet, which is an improvement over the current Web 2.0 Internet.

Ride With Web 3.0 Trend

Web 2.0 has made several billionaires including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Twitter’s Jack Patrick Dorsey.

However, if you missed the Web 2.0 takeoff, Web 3.0 could be a chance to make up for it. Currently, the companies that are running their businesses on the Web 3.0 model are mostly private startups.

Here is one blockchain project related to Web 3.0 is quite popular recently.

Pocket Network, Web 3 Infrastructure

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Pocket Network is a decentralized blockchain API built for Web3 applications that transfers data between any blockchains over a network of thousands of nodes. As Web3 middleware, Pocket Network provides a complete incentive for the full nodes of underlying Network and a decentralized data acquisition solution for Web3 applications. It provides a decentralized coordination layer for Web3 infrastructure and upper-layer applications

Pocket Network’s protocol can be seen as like a marketplace – node runners can deploy hardware and resources and earn POKT for providing those resources. Applications and developers can use the protocols for decentralized infrastructure for unmatched uptime and scalability at costs the fraction of centralized providers.

Pocket Portal serves as an easy dashboard that will make it easier for more applications and developers to utilize our unstoppable infrastructure. As Pocket Portal is an extension of our protocol, it supports all the same blockchains we currently support. This includes Ethereum (mainnet and archival), Fuse, and many others in beta like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, xDAI, and AVAX.

Pocket Network Will be Listed on XT,COM Exchange. Trade and share $10,000

We are honored to announce that POKT(Pocket Network) will be listed on XT.COM. POKT/USDT trading pair will be open in Main Zone(Web3.0) at 12: 00 on January 12, 2022 (UTC).

Welcome to trade POKT and win $10,000 prize pool!

Besides trading comp, what you can expect will be staking. airdrops. XTStarter etc.

Stay tuned!

About XT.COM

XT.COM Exchange established in 2018, in Seychelles, with its operational headquarters in Singapore, is

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the world’s first social infused digital asset trading platform. The platform has rich trading varieties such as coin transactions, leveraged transactions, OTC transactions, and credit card buying coins.

It has operating centers in many countries and regions such as Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul and South Korea. Its business scope covers the world.

Currently, XT.COM ranks TOP 40 on CoinMarketCap and has introduced more than 300 digital assets, including mainstream coins, popular DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, all of which can be visited on XT.COM

Media Contact:
Address: Oltajl Trade Centre – T* Floor, Victoria Mahe, Seychelles
Email: [email protected]

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