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Ohio, USA, 23rd February 2022: Launching out of stealth mode today, PRISM is an all-purpose, inclusive, curated exchange for artists, musicians, and enthusiasts that facilitates the creation and transacting of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The PRISM marketplace is built by NuPay Technologies, the creators of the world’s most environmentally friendly blockchain. 

The launch of PRISM marks a new era in the world of art, inviting both connoisseurs and empowering newcomers to benefit from the NFT revolution. PRISM is currently collaborating with a diverse mix of world-class artists and innovators to exhibit unique special collections which come alongside physically redeemable and exclusive experiences. Hundreds of globally exhibited artists have joined PRISM to launch NFTs, taking their real-world talents and stepping into the digital sphere with their work. 

PRISM’s unique features aim to create a safe and all-inclusive environment for both artists and collectors. The platform has created an innovative patent-pending art protection encryption mechanism called ProtectArt, which provides artists and collectors the ability to protect their artworks from scammers. Protect is unique in its abilities and exclusively created for the PRISM marketplace.

Developed by NuPay’s CTO, Nathan Trudeau, ProtectArt makes use of exclusive state-of-the-art encryption, where NFTs are encrypted at the point of minting, so only the creator and the owner of the NFT will have access to the original, authentic piece. This solves the infamous issue of “right-click-save” while also reassuring artists that preventing piracy, IP infringement, fraud, and theft is at the core of PRISM. ProtectArt also utilizes file-tracking techniques, allowing stolen artwork to be tracked. 

The coming integration of the Proof of Ethic (PoE) algorithm will allow PRISM to be a green, eco-friendly marketplace. The patent-pending algorithm was created by NuPay and is an equitable consensus algorithm that will redefine the world of blockchain. The energy consumption compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum is significantly reduced. PoE will be exclusively used by NuPay’s coming blockchain release. 

Brad Wilson, CEO of NuPay Technologies, said: “NuPay Technologies was created to address inconsistencies and unfair business models, expenses, and other antiquated systems in many long-standing industries. We have invented and have patents pending to accomplish disruption while returning power and equity to PRISM’s artists, musicians, and authors the world over. Drawing from over 30 years of business experience in the payment processing space, coupled with partnerships with titans of the arts, music, and literary worlds, NuPay Technologies and therefore PRISM is well on the way to accomplishing these goals.”  

To better tackle the adoption issues of blockchain and crypto-powered marketplaces of old, PRISM has partnered with CIRCLE to operate cryptocurrency payments and enable FIAT purchases with debit and credit cards including payouts for its users. This feature rolls out in Q2. By offering FIAT services, NFTs are able to interact with existing social and economic systems. 

Alongside other pioneers in digital arts, PRISM is working with world-famous graphic designer Viktor Hertz, industry legend Gary Lang, multiple grammy award winner George Benson, acclaimed photographer Daniel Cheong, and Disney cartoonist Alan Bodner. PRISM NFTs include paintings, fashion designers, and digital sculptures, and often PRISM NFTs come with exclusive physical redeemable. 

Sarah Paull, PRISM’s SVP of Operations comments saying,“PRISM is dedicated to building an accessible space in which artists can create easily, safely, and securely. We are providing resources through our Artist Loading Program (APL) to guide artists – no matter their level of experience in digital art creation – through the process and deliver them with the opportunity to dabble in the space with the expert assistance of our account management team.”

PRISM is set to provide a basis for the wider NFT industry to build on and will allow the industry to refocus on its roots; as a platform for expression and creativity. With its ease of use and innovative technology, PRISM is accessible to all. NuPay Technologies will continue to research new technologies and applications that make the NFT space safer, greener, and more inclusive.

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