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Luna Rush Announces IDO on Leading Launchpads, Bolster NFT and P2E Games Adoption

Luna Rush, an NFT and Anime based blockchain game is conducting its initial DEX offering on leading IDO platforms in the crypto space–BinStarter, LaunchZone, BSCStation, and LuaStarter. These are some popular IDO platforms that have supported emerging blockchain and crypto projects to facilitate the success of their offerings. There’s no iota of doubt that their partnership with Luna Rush will yield amazing results and promote the project on its journey to become an industry-leading P2E gaming platform. The public offering of $630,000 will allow early adopters and community supporters to partake in the success of the project.

Luna Rush is led by leading blockchain partners and investors including X21, Infinity Pad, RedHat, DreamBoat Capital, TokenSuite, Alpha Moon Capital, BYTF Ventures, JADE Labs, MH ventures, Remitano, BlueWheels, SGN Capitals, Onebit Ventures, Verichains, Senspark Ventures, KoinSaati, DeFi Warrior, Jackal, Bomb Crypto, Avstar Capital, SD Ventures, and BARMY. The IDO launches will present an opportunity for more blockchain communities to invest in the project.

Through this massive public offering, Luna Rush seeks to bolster more adoption of NFTs and P2E games for an amazing user experience, entertainment, and profitability, as well as mainstream acceptance of its unique ecosystem. The play-to-earn platform also seeks to build a global community of NFT creators, game lovers, and investors.

An Exciting Ecosystem Of Warriors with GameFi Marketplace

Luna Rush is an interesting Anime-NFT Idle game that allows users to become digital Luna Master over powerful Luna Warriors that could be taught skills to earn exclusive rewards when they participate in tournaments. Luna Rush constitutes 11 different types of fierce warriors with each one possessing powerful skills for every game level. As a player, you can power up your warrior for even more absorbing combat. The system has a pool of predesigned skills to equip warriors after every level up by the player.

Players can also power up warriors by fusion. This requires giving up warriors to increase the power of another. While this makes the game more interesting, it is a unique mechanism designed by the project’s team to place the NFT inflation in check.

Over the next few months, Luna Rush will be introducing a number of top-notch features, amazing characters (more warriors and skills), and fascinating tournaments. Luna also seeks to upgrade to a metaverse of 6000 digital lands that will integrate with virtual reality and Haptic for users to have an overall thrilling experience. As part of its mission to reconceptualize the decentralized industry of play-to-earn games, Luna Rush is dedicated to building a sustainable universe of profitable entertainment.

In the last decade, the dynamics of games have changed due to the increased Internet access and the dawn of Web 3.0 technology, which is rapidly fueling the emergence of revolutionary innovations. Blockchain-based games are shifting the gaming paradigm from playing just for fun to playing for rewards, and Luna Rush is riding on this trend to place its stamp of relevance in the GameFi and NFT sector.

Amid what appears to be a global economic recession induced by the unprecedented pandemic, the world of gaming is experiencing more digital dependency with over 3 billion video gamers. Although monetized online video games are not new, NFT P2E games have pushed the frontier of the industry with novel models.

Inspired by C.A.T.S and MyBrute, the project is interested in building a gaming space that is poised to offer players benefits from blockchain technology. The project will introduce multiple gaming modes including Boss Hunting, Campaign, 1vs1, 3vs3, Tournament, Guild, Leaderboard Ranking. The project is built on the Binance Smart Chain and has plans of deploying on in 2022.

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