Master, build and sell NFTs with this bundle, now just $20

Some people want to get fit in 2022, some want to get organized and others just want to finally understand what an NFT is. If you’re among the latter, you’re in luck. This illusive new money-making method continues to grow in popularity, so it’s best to finally figure out what one is.

The All-in-One NFT Masterclass for Artists & Entrepreneurs Bundle comes packed with courses that not only teach you what an NFT is all about but gives you the knowledge and skill-set to start building them yourself! And right now, during the New Year, New You sale, you can learn it all for just $20. For less than $2 a class you’ll be getting access to 11 info-packed courses that will school you on NFTs and how to create your own digital art, code it, and sell it. It comes with 89 total hours of instruction.

Kick things off with Complete NFT Masterclass for Artists and Entrepreneurs. This course, which was rated 4.5 stars by past students, lets you become a proud member of the non-fungible token revolution. Not only will you finally figure out what they are, you’ll learn to understand their significance and see how to take advantage of them. Benjamin Wilson, who has a 4.5-star instructor rating, is an entrepreneur and marketing innovator who teaches this course and will give you a great introduction to all things NFT.

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From there, you’ll also jump into the programs that can help you make and sell your own NFTs, with courses like the 4.6-star-rated Adobe Photoshop CC Course 2022. This education on Photoshop is taught by Phil Ebiner, a top-rated instructor with a 4.6-star student rating who has reached over two million students.

Ready to make your own NFT? Benjamin Wilson also heads the course, How To Create Your First NFT – The Beginner’s Guide gives you instructions on how to register and own your art in an open marketplace, while also touching on minting and crypto wallet.

Master the world of NFTs with help from The All-in-One NFT Masterclass for Artists & Entrepreneurs Bundle. It’s available now for just $20 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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