Melania Trump is launching another NFT collection highlighting ‘iconic moments’ from her husband’s presidency

Former US First Lady Melania Trump speaks during a roundtable on sickle cell disease in the State Dining Room of the White House on September 14, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Former First Lady Melania Trump is launching another NFT venture on February 21.Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Melania Trump is planning to launch another NFT collection.

  • The collection will comprise 10 pieces of digital art featuring “iconic moments” from Donald Trump’s presidency.

  • Buyers will get to see the works only after making a purchase.

Former first lady Melania Trump is embarking on another venture into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Trump will be releasing a new collection on February 21, Presidents’ Day. She is promoting the “POTUS NFT Collection” as a trove of 10,000 separate NFTs, each priced at $50.

According to a statement released by Trump on Thursday, the collection will highlight “iconic moments” from the Trump administration’s four-year run. It will feature 10 digital artworks capturing events ranging from Christmas at the White House to the Trumps’ visit to Mount Rushmore in 2020.

The works will not be viewable by buyers until a purchase is made using the Solana cryptocurrency.

“Collectors will enjoy an element of surprise, as the artwork of each NFT is revealed only after purchase,” the statement read. “Of course, collectors can make multiple purchases to own the entire POTUS Trump Collection.”

The statement added that Trump had provided “creative direction” for the collection, which will be sold through the USA Memorabilia NFT platform.

Trump said in the statement that she was “proud to expand” her NFT business. “I look forward to collaborating with others to offer truly special, authentic parts of US history,” she added.

In December, the former first lady launched her first NFT venture — a digital art piece called “Melania’s Vision,” which represented her “cobalt blue eyes,” according to a press release about the work.

The following month, Trump unveiled her “Head of State” collection that included her “iconic” white Hervé Pierre hat, a watercolor painting, and an NFT.

However, the collection became collateral damage in January’s cryptocurrency crash, with the items receiving only five bids, each at the minimum asking price of 1,800 Solana tokens. By the time the auction concluded, these tokens were only worth $162,144, falling short of the former first lady’s $250,000 guide price.

Bloomberg also reported that the funds used to win the auction for the “Head of State” collection had been traced back to a wallet related to the NFT’s creators. Trump has denied buying her own NFT, rebutting claims that the purchase came from her office.

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