MOEBIUS, World’s First Text-based Plot and Strategy GameFi Featuring Life Loops


Although P2E (play to earn) gamefi has brought massive growth of funds and users in the short term, we can see that most gamefi applications currently do not handle the balance between P2E and fun gameplay.

We think P2E is only one of the non-primary factors of Moebius to attract users to participate in the ecosystem. The proper logic of gamefi should be to enable users to directly enjoy the main idea of the game, and enhance their interest and experience through strategic gameplay, while earning revenue. If we were to put the cart before the horse, it would not be conducive to the long-term development of gamefi, and it would defeat the purpose for which we built Moebius in the first place.

In terms of gameplay, in the early stages of gamefi development, we were more optimistic about the development of strategy games, because players were more able to get a better gaming experience through strategic play. The way we built gamefi is to simplify everything, using the strongest medium of expression — “words”, as the main element of the game and “life loot” as the main story line. Players can get game experience and revenue through Moebius, and at the same time, they can further realize the deep thinking about the value of life.

About Moebius

MOEBIUS is the world’s first text-based gamefi project launched on BSC, featuring life loops and LOOT 2.0. Players will play the role of humans living on the continent of Ash and experience the cycle of their lives in the game. In each game, the player will experience every age of character from birth to death, and each age event will be described in short text (LOOT). life events can be conveniently added, deleted and improved, and users are welcome to actively participate in content discussions.

Players can start each game before they need to select the equipment from the backpack.



After selecting the equipment, the player also needs to choose three of the nine mastery cards randomly given by the system. Mastery cards are unique cards that have the ability to change the fate of a player character, such as wealth, Intelligence, gender, personality, strength, etc.



After these choices are made, players will start their life in Moebius. The system will automatically display the events that happened in each year of the character’s life until the death, which also represents the end of this game.



When the game ends, there will be a summary of this life, and the summary will give the corresponding level icons for the 9 indicators in the life, and eventually form an NFT life mark. And only the first player to experience that life cycle in the game will get NFT, subsequent players who repeat the same life cycle will not obtain it (the first phase NFT amount is less than 20,000). These life mark NFTs can be staked to earn more MOBI and represent individual characters who can be used in other new projects in the Moebius metaverse.

Players may loot various equipment and mastery cards in each game. These items can be used in the following games to enhance “life attributes” and thus gain better life results and rewards. Players can also continuously repeat their life experience by choosing different equipment and talent cards, the stronger the character attribute, the higher the chance of obtaining rare equipment and mastery cards. Each game will require 100 MOBI.



The equipment and mastery cards players acquire in the game, as well as the NFT life marks generated at the end of the game, can be traded freely in the Moebius market in exchange for a generous revenue. Of course, these equipment and mastery cards acquired by players can also be used for the next game.

Players need to make their in-game lifespan longer by strategically matching props before the game starts. This is because the longer the player lives in the game, the higher the revenue. In particular, the value of the NFT life mark formed at the end of the player’s life depends on the quantities of age events the player has experienced in the game.

For each player, the life experienced in Moebius is uncertain, no one can know what they will experience or in which year a disaster will happen. It’s all just like our life in the real world.

Moebius gameplay is more focused on strategy, because even though the game is full of randomness, how to overcome the challenges in life depends entirely on the player’s strategy formulation. And what players obtain in return is the reward for the challenges of life. Any player who wants to participate in Moebius can do so with only 100 MOBI.

MOBI is the token for Moebius ecosystem with the total supply of 100 million MOBI. Participation in Moebius requires a certain amount of MOBI (dynamically adjusted), token burned every week. 85% of the total MOBI will be used for P2E awards and P2E Mining Pool Duration is 1,000 days (output quantity halved every 50 days). This means that over time players will get less and less MOBI for participating in Mobius, so those who participate early have an even greater advantage.

Except P2E awards, MOBI Allocation will be: 5% for initial liquidity offerings (Pancake Swap), 5% for private sale (Community),3% for ecosystem fund (Community Reward),1% for WhalePort staking, and 1% for core Team operation.

Moebius will further build the LOOT 2.0 ecosystem through gamefi and create an early outline of the Web 3.0 game format.

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