NFT, GameFi and SocialFi platform MetaGrail to Launch its Website on January 1, 2022

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2021 /MetaGrail,a project that is building an integrated and interoperable social protocol matrix to serve decentralized social networks, is launching its website on January 1, 2022 and will also launch a gala marketing event with an intensive 100 days airdrop campaign to offer to the new users the opportunity to join the metaverse industry.

The crypto community is going ga-ga over the development of metaverse ecosystems that include play-to-earn and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) functionalities incorporated within the fabric of game mechanics in an effort to decentralize games and empower platform users, or players. The current explosion of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) Metaverse, GameFi and DeFi applications of the blockchain technology is leading to a literal mushrooming of ecosystems that seek to attract users through activity-based platform dynamics. However, the development of numerous metaverse platforms creates a different kind of problem – interoperability and social integration.

The metaverse is siloed, can it be integrated?

Each metaverse project is seeking to attract its own community; however, it is difficult for an individual to traverse multiple metaverses without shedding his or her reputation, levels, reward opportunities which remain exclusive to a particular platform. What is there is an interoperability protocol that assures a strong social integration that is valid throughout the expanded multiverse of all metaverses? Is such a system possible?

MetaGrail is seeking to achieve just that. MetaGrail is a platform to establish the decentralized social networking standard and protocol. Thanks to MetaGrail’s powerful aggregation capabilities, other metaverse ecosystems will now be able to support social protocols through powerful interfaces provided by MetaGrail. Any metaverse ecosystem desirous of providing social capabilities to its users will be able to realize their social function sections by supporting MetaGrail’s standardized protocols. In this way, each individual platform will become part of a multiverse where players can shuttle easily between platforms and hold powerful and unique social identifiers and differentiators secured by NFT technology.

How MetaGrail is integrating the best of blockchain technology to integrate the Multiverse

MetaGrail is creating an ownership economy of NFT by attaching identity recognition and social trajectory to NFTs, along with a unique social token issuance model. MetaGrail is also seeking to dramatically improve the decentralized social ecosystem by changing the traditional economic model of social. Through encouraging co-creation and sharing of social content, it seeks to help users monetize social influence. MetGrail will also provide a wide range of applications for the SocialFi field to ensure this transition of the social from platform-centric to user-centric.

To achieve its vision, MetaGrail will work with various DApps in the market to incorporate into its social protocol and provide a consensus-based decentralized social protocol infrastructure. It will work with various parties – developers, GameFi, DeFi and metaverse platforms – to build a shared decentralized social ecosystem, where value remains constant and easily capable of migrating.

While the development of the MetaGrail project has been ongoing for quite some time, its website goes live on the first day of the new year – January 1, 2022. MetaGrail also has plans to launch a massive 100 day marketing event to let the crypto community know about what it is creating and how it will benefit all stakeholders in the new decentralized ecosystem. Currently, the platform is in the midst of its seed private fundraise round.

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Gavin Nation, CMO of MetaGrail said, “Where people see a challenge, we saw an opportunity. Unless there is a strong interactive potential in the metaverse, it cannot attract enough users. This can only happen if there are strong social attributes that can breed the kind of interaction needed. What we are building at MetaGrail is creating and cementing a SocialFi component within the Web 3.0 framework.

About MetaGrail

MetaGrail is developing an open social protocol standard based on blockchain technology, building an integrated and interoperable social protocol matrix, and forming a standardized and universal social protocol to serve decentralized social networks.

MetaGrail is seeking to create an organic combination of SocialFi and Metaverse. Its protocols will play a vital role in creating cross-chain bridges among multiple metaverses. This will provide feasibility and infinite possibilities for scaling the very fabric of decentralized social networking.

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