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People may not know this but Nifty Gateway started in a similar fashion to the rest of the NFT marketplaces. You would connect your wallet and purchase NFTs with ETH. They evolved quickly and were first to introduce a custodial wallet mechanism allowing fiat purchases for NFTs. Candidly, Nifty Gateway isn’t appreciated nearly enough for what they did for the space. The timing of Crypto Curiosity, NFTs, and the Pandemic created a perfect storm for NG to rise as the key entry point for collectors to safely and easily test the waters of NFTs.  In my opinion, they will remain the vessel needed as a phenomenal onboarding opportunity for new comers.

Yesterday they made an incredible announcement that blends the two ecosystems for newcomers and experts alike.

Your NFTs, Your Wallet

To date, Nifty Gateway has only supported our custody system for buying, selling and storing NFTs.

Yesterday, we took the crucial first step to becoming a hybrid NFT platform – a platform that has a custody option for new users who are unfamiliar with crypto but also natively supports ETH wallets for web3 native users.

What does the Wallet feature mean for you? 

When you link an external wallet, all of the NFTs in your connected wallet will be showcased on your Nifty Gateway profile.

Linking an external wallet will also allow you to use your NFTs when listed as entry criteria for certain drops on Nifty Gateway!

How to Connect Your Wallet 

Adding a New Wallet

To add a new Wallet to your account, login to your Nifty Gateway account and click on your profile image in the top right corner.

Navigate to ‘Account Settings’ and locate ‘External Wallets’ in the left navigation bar. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ and follow the prompts to link an external wallet.

Once your wallet is connected to your NG account, NFTs stored in your wallet will appear under ‘Ethereum Wallets’ on your profile.

Syncing an Existing Wallet

If you already have a wallet connected to your account, you will need to sync that wallet with your NG account to get your NFTs to show up on your profile.

To sync an existing wallet, head to Account Settings -> External Wallets, and click ‘Connect Wallet.’

You will see a ‘sync’ button for already connected wallets – click that button to sync NFTs you hold and get them to show up on your profile.

You can also access our help guide for more in depth instructions.

This is the initial step in building out the first ever hybrid custodial/non-custodial NFT platform, creating the perfect marketplace for both new and experienced collectors. 

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