Oceidon Expands NFT Utility Into Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

ST. PETER PORT, Guernsey–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oceidon Corporation is pleased to announce the integration of the OBLOX utility token with its Gen 1 Oceidon Blox Meta NFT collection. Continuing its industry-leading innovation, Oceidon’s Gen 1 Meta NFT holders will now enjoy an automatic transaction fee discount on DEX trades of OBLOX utility tokens.

Oceidon’s proprietary solution conducts a real-time one-way check of a customer’s crypto wallet for the presence of Oceidon Blox Meta NFTs and based on the result applies a set transaction fee discount, all within one OBLOX DEX transaction.

Oceidon’s solution ushers in the next evolution of utility NFTs, by packaging a tangible use case for holding select NFTs in one’s collection.

“Critics often say that NFTs are fancy but ultimately useless images. These critics fail to see the broader implication of having the ability to include complex mechanisms within an NFT smart contract,” says Jack Krosinski, one of the 3 co-founders of Oceidon.

Krosinski adds, “An NFT is a convenient, freely transferable digital package that can bestow its holders with real-world tangible benefits. I foresee an ever-growing adoption of utility NFTs by brands and corporate entities alike, and we at Oceidon are happy to help them bring those projects to life.”

About Oceidon Corporation

Oceidon Corporation is a blockchain technology provider with its headquarters in Guernsey.

It develops server-side technology such as the patent-pending ‘Zero Knowledge Proof of Identity’ solution, bespoke NFT projects, as well as public-facing products such as the ‘Oceidon Blox’ NFT Builder with its native ‘OBLOX’ credit token.

Oceidon Corporation’s roster of exclusive in-house developers is located in the United Kingdom and Japan. The development team is a complementary mix of experience in blockchain, gaming, and fin/gov ops.

Green Commitment

Oceidon practices environmentally responsible blockchain development. All Oceidon blockchain projects are carbon negative via green initiatives and carbon credit offsets.

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