Origins-Win The War, The Most noteworthy GameFi in 2022

The combination of DEFI and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) equals GameFi (Financial Game). Simply put, it’s a game that adds financial realizations to the game, making the process of profitability a particularly attractive and fun experience. Showcasing financial products in the form of a game, turning DeFi into a game, turning game prop derivatives into NFT, introducing PK matchmaking mode, increasing user/player interaction, improving fun, and earning while playing in the game.

GAMEFI, as a vehicle to play and earn, has two basic attributes: it can both play and earn.

Origins-Win The War (Plants vs. Zombies Block Game Edition) is a strategy puzzle game based on blockchain technology. It is fully built by the original Plants vs. Zombies core team of creators, and the core members of the project have experience in the development of large scale games and have successful operation experience.

Origins-Win The War, The Most noteworthy GameFi in 2022

A good GameFi game will definitely have some significant features, taking the problems of other GameFi games on the market at present as an example, there are disadvantages such as: single token mechanism, no healthy control regulation; the unlimited output of tokens, no perfect burning mechanism; scripted hang-up digging and selling, no playability; no basic users, difficult to increase users.

On the other hand, Origins-Win The War has a diverse ecology, and its advantages are remarkable, with three token economic model, effective regulation; scientific and reasonable mechanism, continuous value-added; rich gameplay strategy, earn while playing; hundreds of millions of active players, easier to promote.

As a game to play and earn, Origins-Win The War takes into account that game playability and entertainment is certainly one aspect, but being able to make money is the core thing, the game is a carrier, and the economic model of the game is especially important.

The economic model of Origins-Win The War is as follows:

1. Governance token wjeff

a) The circulation is 5 billion, and the online black hole will destroy 1 billion

b) 20% of core contributors (including consultants, community contributors, early teams)

c) Fund 5%

d) Community development and strategic ecology 20%

e) Equity reward 4%

f) Strategy round 11%

g) P2E 30%

h) Liquidity 5%

i) pledge 5%

2. Governance currency wmary

a) Circulation of 50 million

b) Fund 12%

c) Community development and strategic ecology 30%

d) Equity reward 5%

e) pledge 35%

f) Liquidity 10%

g) Sales 8%

3. Game currency winc

a) The total game output is 500 billion

b) use destroy

Compared with traditional games, spending a lot of time playing games without getting any return, or even charging money to play games, it is simpler and more ideal for players to invest in GameFi assets. Overall, the popularity, playability, and economic model of Origins-Win The War are extremely high and more reasonable. And Origins-Win The War is planned to be launched on multiple platforms. Players can follow the official platform announcements and the latest news on Twitter. What are you waiting for? Join the Origins-Win The War now!

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