Play-To-Earn Game Warena Has Officially Launched

It seems a new era of gaming is coming, and it is called “play-to-earn”. After having a successful Beta phase of 15,000 players in a four-day period of Warena, the initial phase of Warena game has officially deployed.

Warena is a play-to-earn game built in the Binance Smart Chain and will be released in two phases, the first phase of the game called “Survival”, was launched today, a 2D game survival mode in a post-apocalyptic world, and the second phase called “Metaverse” will come in Q2 this year as a 3D game.

In October 2021, Warena raised $1.5 million during a funding round from big companies in the blockchain ecosystem such as Genesis Builders, DAOMaker, Momentum 6, Master Ventures, Animoca, Clovers Ventures, and others.

About Warena

The play-to-earn game starts its first phase in the year 2129, where technology is really advanced but is World War 3 because a virus spread and most of humanity became zombies. Players will choose to be humans or robotic warriors to fight against the zombies.

The Warena project is a combination of software game companies such as d2mstudio, and co-led by the Genesis Builders Fund, according to Warena’s official GitBook.

One of the most anticipated features will be available during the second phase of the game, where players will interact and battle other “Metaverses” players that are built on other blockchains like, for example, Axie Infinity in the Ethereum blockchain.

How Do You Earn Tokens in Warena?

There are two tokens you can earn in the game: $WARE, which is the main currency of the game, and $RENA.

You can earn $WARE in the daily quest that is granted for all players, passing successful missions in the adventure gameplay, achieving one-time milestones, being in the top 100 players list in the weekly rank challenge, and renting warriors. On rare occasions, you will earn $RENA instead of $WARE by achieving missions.

The token $WARE is used to purchase things like mystery boxes, improving your warriors, to rent a warrior. On the other hand, $RENA can be used for staking and earning more tokens.

Both tokens $WARE and $RENA are also available in Binance Smart Chain’s decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.

As the Beta phase was successful, probably the first phase of Warena will be a success too, as an innovative play-to-earn game, let’s see if it can reach the top list of the most played games in the near future.

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