TacoCat Partners With Phantasma to Integrate Smart NFT

PANAMA CITY, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The TacoCat Company, Inc. (TCT) a utility token bringing crypto mainstream, is proud to announce their partnership with leading technology solution provider Phantasma (Luminography, LDA) to facilitate the integration of Smart NFT technology into the TacoCat digital card collectible crypto game, Wildcard.

As a featured partner on Phantasma’s platform, TacoCat will be using Smart NFTs within their ecosystem; with the Wildcard game on the Phantasma chain along with the NFTs. This Smart NFT feature provides additional utility that enables Wildcard to be more dynamic, as a game with changing statistics on collectible cards that are able to be leveled up or down; a distinguishing aspect unlike the static option most blockchain ecosystems offer. Once integration is underway, Wildcard will be featured on the Phantasma platform as a dApp (decentralized application) which can operate autonomously within the blockchain system.


Phantasma is one of the first chains to offer this new NFT technology. With it, Wildcard and TCT owners enter a world quickly becoming the future of NFTs with a greatly enhanced gameplay experience and the potential to grow the size of their investment at the same time. As players perform better in Wildcard, leveling up their NFTs, the greater the positive impact that can be anticipated.

“As Wildcard is intended to be a revolutionary strategic card game unlike any other, Phantasma is a perfect fit with their cutting-edge technology and state of the art ecosystem. We are proud to be building the future with them and look forward to pushing the limits of play together,” Derek LaPorte, TacoCat CTO and Wildcard game designer. 

As a leading edge technology expected to transform crypto gaming, this integration significantly increases the probability for Wildcard’s success. Other major players at Phantasma include GhostMarket, the world’s first cross-chain NFT marketplace. All NFTs, including TacoCat Wildcard NFTs will be tradeable there as well as within the TacoCat ecosystem. Player investors can expect to hear more about these innovations, as future plans with Phantasma will also include joint marketing ventures.


The features of this advanced Smart NFT technology from Phantasma make the integration more attractive for players, artists and developers. Phantasma Smart NFT technology is programmable and multilayered; with functions included to allow the use of timed NFTs, minting on demand, nesting & multi-infusion, and locked content. 

On the Phantasma platform developers, artists and NFT creators have an unprecedented freedom to create digital assets with a revolutionary new layer of trustless programmability, enabling NFTs to evolve over time without compromising trust between creators and users.

Timed NFTs (time-limited game licenses) for game play open up the possibility to “try before you buy” without limitations, providing access to unique content for a limited time. Adding an extra layer of exclusivity and desirability for investors, these innovations allow for Smart NFTs to be composed of an unlimited number of NFTs and/or have embedded secret codes to access bonus content for greater baseline value; which can then be minted instantly for a smoother user experience. 

“With Phantasma’s scalable layer 1 platform and advanced Smart NFT tech perfectly suited for innovative players in the gaming industry, we are proud to welcome The TacoCat Company into the ecosystem with their Play2Earn Wildcard game and much more to come!” Matt Hartley, Phantasma Team.


Crypto gaming as a play-to-earn model is the latest trend in the gaming industry. It promotes community building and provides financial benefits to those players who add value through their contributions to the game world. 

For TacoCat investors, 2022 will be a big year. With constant development to the TacoCat ecosystem & the Wildcard P2E game; educating community members, blockchain gamers and new crypto investors, the road map ahead includes major milestones. Player investors are encouraged to confidently commence with game play as Wildcard NFTs are poised to outperform expectations and increase in value.

  • 18 JANUARY – Wildcard Token Pre-Sale Event 
    • Wildcard Starter Decks Available
    • Pre-Alpha Wildcard Game Release to the TacoCat Billionaire’s Club
  • 23 FEBRUARY – Wildcard Token Pre-Sale Starts
  • 6 APRIL – Official Wildcard LAUNCH


WILDCARD: THE PLAY TO EARN GAME is the 80s themed, card-collectible online crypto video game developed by TacoCat where winning also means earning. Wildcard is an online crypto game of risk and reward, with interesting choices, tense moments and unexpected outcomes; something that is still missing across crypto gaming. 

As a pop culture-inspired crypto game, this is an ideal way to bring players entertainment and fun while developing residual income. It’s a simple way to onboard consumers into decentralized finance and blockchain technology. For those new to the blockchain space, an eye-opening consideration to factor into your investment strategy would be that a play-to-earn account can potentially outperform your traditional bank account, with significant ROI.

TacoCat investors gain value by driving value. As a utility token, TCT is a digital asset that gains value with community activity; through trading tokens and minting NFTs. Secure blockchain game WildCard builds value through its ability to be enjoyed and consumed like entertainment with real world assets, a unique solution quickly becoming part of a modern portfolio building strategy. The tokenomics promote a unified community safety protocol that supports consistent growth. 



Phantasma is a blockchain for Smart NFTs, Gaming, and dApps that is fast, secure, and decentralized. The governance token is $SOUL and the energy token is $KCAL, allowing interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. Its innovative staking mechanism, dual-token system and advanced smart non-fungible tokens allow the Phantasma blockchain to be used for digital goods and services such as communication, entertainment, NFT marketplaces, and on-chain storage.  


Website: Phantasma

Telegram: https://t.me/phantasma_io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/phantasmachain


TacoCat is a friendly, accessible face for cryptocurrency, and aims to become the first crypto-backed lifestyle brand by establishing a self-contained ecosystem that would introduce a growing community to promising crypto projects. TacoCat is presenting an opportunity to invest in a community that has been re-invented by a team committed to successfully realizing the original intention of the TacoCat Token (TCT) while simultaneously providing an accessible cryptocurrency experience for the mainstream audiences. Powering this mission is the TacoCat Token (TCT) which is on the Binance Smart Chain, and is currently listed on Pancake Swap, Feg ex, Bitmart, LBank, Hotbit, Bitrue and ZTB.


Jasper Van Ravenzwaaij, COO  [email protected]  www.tacocat.co


Website: TacoCat

Telegram: https://t.me/tacocattoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tacocattoken

Disclaimer: All investment strategies and investments involve the risk of loss. Consider doing your own due diligence before making financial decisions related to any Cryptocurrency.

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