The startup of the ex-manager ConsenSys raised $34 million

Ex-manager ConsenSys startup raised $34 million

Founded by former ConsenSys chief strategy officer Sam Cassutt, Aligned has raised $34 million in funding. The firm is building a Web 3.0 infrastructure.

According to The Block, Aligned was backed by GSR, Altium Capital, Cavalry Fund and Ninja4, as well as a number of business angels. There was no lead investor in the round.

Cassatt says the firm aims to be the cloud-based Amazon Web Services for the future of the decentralized internet. The startup’s hardware and infrastructure make it possible to create such a solution, the entrepreneur believes.

«We create special equipment from many components. Some of them are ready-made chips. There are many uses for this equipment, and one of them is the mining of various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and others,” Cassatt noted.

He added that Aligned also creates a staking infrastructure and is liquidity provider in DeFi, contributing 15,000 ETH (~$39 million) to the sector’s protocols.

Cassatt announced plans to expand Aligned’s activities and increase the size of the team, which now has 30 people.

«Building data centers and manufacturing equipment are capital-intensive activities, so additional capital will be required to fully implement our model», he says.

Recall that in February, a startup Jambo, which also focuses on solutions for Web 3.0, raised $7.5 million.

Earlier, Jack Dorsey questioned the future decentralization of Web 3.0. According to him, the strong influence of venture capital will prevent the achievement of this goal.

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