This guide to crypto, NFTs and the metaverse is $21

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Cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse have become part of our everyday lives, whether we understand them or not. With names like and taking a slice of the pie, this isn’t the kind of sensation that’s likely to fall out of fashion by next season. As such, it’s wise to learn about the currencies, art forms and virtual worlds that are taking our physical lives by storm.

Plus, everyone talks about making money with these trends, but you can make costly mistakes if you don’t know what you’re doing. Get a crash course in all three areas with the Beginner’s Guide Cryptocurrency Trading, NFT’s & Metaverse Bundle, .

This seven-course collection will introduce you to some of today’s most complex and vital areas in tech culture. For example, with four dedicated cryptocurrency trading e-books, you’ll learn skills ranging from technical analysis for beginners and the fundamentals of blockchain to expert-level day trading and understanding altcoins.

Get schooled in the world of NFTs, starting with an entry-level course that explains what a non-fungible token is and why these unique digital pieces have staying power. Then progress to the NFT masterclass — whether you’re an aspiring artist or already a creator, this e-book will empower you to navigate the increasingly-crowded marketplaces with ease.

It may be virtual, but it’s also very much our reality; the metaverse offers an incredible opportunity for anyone to get involved. Discover what the metaverse is, what goes on there, why brands and entrepreneurs are engaging with it, how you can find great projects to capitalize on and more.

Course list:

  • Metaverse Wealth Creation Course

  • How to Create Your First NFT: The Beginner’s Guide

  • Complete NFT Masterclass for Artists & Entrepreneurs

  • Technical Analysis: Professional Cryptocurrency Trading

  • The Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course A to Z in 2022

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Stock Trading & Cryptocurrency Trading: Technical Analysis for Beginners

Guiding you through these courses are instructors such as Kundai Dzawo, an investor and trader who launched PiggiBacks to teach students how to grow their money wisely. You’ll also find classes by Benji Wilson, an entrepreneur who illustrates successful marketing strategies for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

These courses can get you up to speed on the tech trifecta dominating our world today. , or $3 per course.

Prices subject to change.

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