Top 10 Cryptocurrency Subreddits to Join in 2022

A lot is been said and heard when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. On the same lines, one term that has been doing rounds for quite some time now is that of “cryptocurrency subreddits”. In simple terms, Subreddits are smaller communities dedicated to a particular topic within the Reddit ecosystem and Reddit is a social network that has gained recognition for being an excellent tool in this fast-growing crypto industry. Taking this into account, here is our pick for the top 10 cryptocurrency subreddits to join in 2022. Have a look!

Bitcoin for beginners

With about 861K members, this subreddit is definitely one of the best places, to begin with. Everything right from how crypto and blockchain technology works, and their future uses, to the best ways to trade, this cryptocurrency subreddit has got you covered.


One cannot deny the fact that decentralized finance (DeFi) has evolved to become one of the most talked-about crypto subjects. This subreddit is dedicated to throwing light on all the happenings in the defi ecosystem and how to use defi protocols, news, reviews, and predictions, to name a few.


This is one of the oldest cryptocurrency subreddits yet one of the favourites. It has been over a decade now that the group has laid focus on almost everything relating to Bitcoin, from news to opinions, trade guides, and memes.

Altcoin subreddit

For the ones who are looking forward to learning about any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, then there cannot be a better subreddit to rely on than Altcoin. Here, you get insights pertaining to news, trends, market performance, recently launched altcoins and predictions, among others.

Cryptocurrency News and Discussion

As evident as it can get, this is the place where you can find anything that is related to cryptocurrencies. It has over 4.9 million members making it the biggest cryptocurrency subreddit. Here, the users constantly share their opinions, analysis, and thoughts on a wide range of coins, tokens, and blockchain developments.

Crypto General

As the name suggests, this cryptocurrency subreddit focuses on general crypto topics. Emphasis is placed on quality, in-depth reviews on topics in different cryptocurrency fields. Can anything get better than this?

ICO Crypto

If initial coin offerings (ICO), crowd sales, token sales, etc. is something that interests you, then this subreddit is your one-stop destination! It has got everything that you have been looking for.

Crypto MoonShots

With over 1.6 million members, this subreddit has emerged to become one of the favourites. Here, you’ll find that the discussions are centred around analysing low market-cap cryptocurrencies with a moonshot potential.


If you have been looking for a dedicated cryptocurrency subreddit for cryptocurrency trading and market analysis, then your search ends at CryptoMarkets. With information about exchanges and different applications that will help you analyse the market better, you know you have made the right choice!

Cryptocurrency Technology-Focused Discussions

This cryptocurrency subreddit has over 331k members and is dedicated to technical and serious discussions about cryptocurrency along with the underlying blockchain technology. All in all, this subreddit is definitely worth giving a shot at.

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