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What Are NFT DApps?

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While NFTs (“non-fungible tokens“) typically take the
form of sellable digital art pieces, NFTs can be so much more. NFTs
are unique, often one-of-a-kind, digital files (usually images,
photographs or short videos) that use blockchain technology to
establish proof of ownership. In general, NFTs are created
(“minted”), purchased from the minter, and then (where
allowed) re-sold by collectors in secondary markets. Depending
on the NFT license agreement, NFT owners may obtain
the right to display or commercialize their NFTs and, in rare
cases, the right to participate in specific real-world experience events. Of note, NFTs may
afford their owners the right to use NFT dApps (short for
“decentralized applications”) or may represent user
participation in such dApps.

What is a dApp?

dApps are applications that operate automatically through smart
contracts on a blockchain (e.g., Ethereum). User dApp activities
are transmitted on the relevant blockchain via Internet Service
Providers to other users. In contrast, typical applications (e.g.,
Facebook) operate on a physical, centralized server, through which
all user activities are stored and transmitted.

In addition, dApps have several benefits when compared to
centralized apps. First, dApps are often more trustworthy than
centralized apps because their codes are unchangeable and public.
Unlike centralized apps, dApps are not modifiable, consistent with
all smart contracts and blockchain-related activities. Further,
dApp codes are open source, which means that the source codes
(including the smart contract terms) are made freely available to
the public. dApps are autonomous (i.e., there is no entity
controlling the app), making them very difficult for federal and
state governments to regulate. 

What is an NFT dApp?

An NFT dApp is a type of decentralized application that
incorporates the use of NFTs into its software. For example, Axie
Infinity is an NFT dApp valued at over $3 billion. The Axie Infinity dApp is a
Pokémon-style game where the Pokémon-type fighting
characters take the form of NFTs. To play the Axie Infinity NFT
Game, character NFTs must be in player crypto wallets in order to
participate and breed NFT characters. In addition to playable
characters, NFTs in such apps can include tokens and coins that
users may digitally insert/spend to play a game.

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