What is Imperium Empires? (IME & IMC)

Imperium Empires is a third-person real-time strategy game set in a space metaverse powered by the Avalanche Blockchain.

Several blockchain games are nothing short of impressive and innovative, but the problem is, they still have critical issues that haven’t been solved. These problems include disappointing graphics, unsustainable tokenomics, fast-draining rewards, loose DeFi elements, lack of NFT burn mechanism, and guild-based gameplay. While that turned out okay (sort of) in 2021, 2022 requires better games as the industry moves closer to the mainstream.

But one promising space-themed game has dared to address all these limitations all at once through its massive metaverse filled with features that previous decentralized games have failed to offer. 


Cliff Yung is the founder and CEO of Imperium Empires and has over seven years of experience as a Capital Markets lawyer, and has been in the crypto space as early as 2017. 

Leo Tan, the game’s co-founder, currently serves as its chief marketing officer and has over nine years of experience in the marketing arena. 

The Imperium Empires team is comprised of diverse people who have solid experiences as a systems manager, full-stack developer, game design lead, art director, product manager, and market strategist.

What Is Imperium Empires? 

Imperium Empires is a third-person real-time strategy game set in a space metaverse powered by the Avalanche Blockchain. The blockchain game, which claims to be the world’s first GameFi 2.0 AAA space metaverse, features PvE and PvP gameplay, guilds, PvP battles, war relics looting, asteroid mining, spaceship customization, and a whole lot more. 



IME serves as the governance token of the Imperium Empires with a total supply of 10 billion, and players can earn it through seasonal tournament rewards or looting from spaceship relics. 

Gamers can use it on non-fungible token (NFT) purchasing, guild-related staking, and staking to level up guilds, which, in turn, unlock more benefits and advanced technology. 


IMC is the in-game currency of the space metaverse, which doesn’t have any limits on its supply to keep up with the anticipated growth of Imperium Empires’ players.  

This token can be earned either by selling refined ores or collecting rewards from guilds and can be used as payment for building new structures for guilds, guild facility payments, and damage repairs on spaceships. 


The game’s metaverse, which is governed by an entity called ‘Cooperation,’ is divided into three zones with different levels of benefits, risks, and opportunities that will test players’ skills and strategies in advancing in the game. 

War Zone 

The War Zone provides the most valuable resources for the players, which cannot be found in two zones, but the catch is, it is also the most dangerous one; as its name suggests, it is a ‘war’ zone.

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In this place, tons of spaceships are destroyed due to battles, and guilds can loot them to earn profits, but any players who plan to enter this Zone should come as a guild to protect each other from imminent dangers around.

They should also enter in stealth as much as possible to avoid any damages on their side and get out safely with their loots. 

Safe Zone 

Safe Zone is as literal as it gets; it is indeed a safe place for players. In fact, it is the safest Zone among the three zones of Imperium Empires. 

All players will start in this Zone, and this place is ideal for gamers who are just learning the ropes of the game and are still cautious of encountering too many risks that could wipe out their meager assets. 

Safe Zone can also be beneficial for seasoned players who want to spend more time on PvE gameplay and avoid the risks of PvP battles. Unlike in War Zone, spaceships that are shot down in Safe Zone are only temporarily disabled and can be repaired and used again for battles. 

The only downside of this Zone is that it has the lowest-earning opportunities among the three zones for gamers, which is the trade-off of its unchallenging environment. 

Combat Zone 

Combat Zone has higher earning opportunities than the Safe Zone but remains lower when compared to War Zone, and just like in Safe Zone, any spaceships that are hit in this place can be repaired and be used again for combat.


PvE Mining (And Battle) 

Imperium’s massive three zones are filled with asteroids which players can mine to extract various types of ores.

But the exciting part of this venture is the equipment that players need to use to mine ores and the fact that miners must engage in battles as mining sites are heavily guarded by local inhabitants. 

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Players, which must use mining-focused spaceships, can equip them with mining lasers, cargo extensions, or even asteroid scanners to extract more ores and wipe their enemies away. 

There is a great need to severely damage the mining site defenders so players can refine their ores and transport them to another refinery facility for final processing. After that, they have the option to either use them for construction or sell for profits. 

Transport (And Battle) 

Cargo transport is also one of the most exciting parts of the game as it will not be just a Point A to Point B transport because battles are also involved here. 

To gain more items, other players may choose to plan and attack other spaceships in transit to loot valuable assets they are carrying. With this risk, haulers must be skilled enough to defend their cargo while they are in the process of delivering precious items to a specific zone. 

Looters are reminded that once they ransacked a cargo, they won’t be able to enjoy their original value as their prices would already be reduced. 



Spaceships serve as the prime asset inside Imperium’s metaverse, and each spaceship is made for a specific type of mission and is equipped with different capabilities. 

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One of the most important classes of a spaceship in the game is the Fighter ship, which comes in many forms, including small frigates, destroyers, carriers, and the massive Titans. 

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Players can customize their ships with various equipment such as weapons, mining lasers, and even a cloaking system to better nail their specific missions.


Imperium’s Safe Zone is composed of NFT land sectors that players can purchase and fully own. 

Although these lands cannot obviously be used as a weapon, they remain extremely useful as they can be utilized for docking and undocking spaceships, as a respawn point, a place to store refined ores, and even for advertisements. 


The game contains various NFT characters equipped with different capabilities that can further improve players’ performance in the game. These skills include the ability to cool down spaceships faster, boost asteroid mining power, and upgrade a spaceship’s shield strength. 

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Mere spaceships are not enough to travel on the game’s vast metaverse, and players need to utilize Stargates to go to the far reaches of Imperium space, but before using them, players must first pay stargate owners with IMC tokens. 

Not all stargates are privately owned as some are operated by the Cooperation, the governing body of the metaverse, and can be used by players to transfer on different zones. Some stargates are owned by guilds, who had conquered the regions in which the stargates are placed. 

An important reminder that players need to know is that exploring Imperium Empires’ massive metaverse must be well planned to avoid wasting precious time and being accidentally warped into combat and war zones which can put players at big risk.


Imperium Empires’ stunning graphics and exciting gameplay will certainly be its strongest assets to brawl against other blockchain games competing for gamers’ ever-changing taste, sophistication, and demand for a truly immersive metaverse game. 

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