Why the new Sega NFT logos aren’t what they seem

A new Sega NFT logo has emerged online and it suggests the Japanese video games publisher hasn’t completely given up on the idea of creating NFTs. A new trademark filing published on Friday by the Japan Patent Office included two new Sega NFT logos. And it’s got fans wondering what it’s all about.

Last April Sega announced it was developing games and collectibles around the play-to-earn business model that has seen titles such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox become hugely popular. 

Sega had also planned to partner with developer Japanese company Double Jump Tokyo to create NFT drops for old art, classic music, and popular background designs. (See our explainers if you’re still wondering what are NFTs?, or want to know all about how to make and sell NFTs). 

Some fans see a similarity between the Sega NFT and Jet Set Radio fonts (Image credit: Sega)

Following fan backlash amidst concerns over the environmental impact of NFTs, Sega hit the breaks. But the logos were designed ahead of Sega cooling on the idea of getting into NFTs. In a recent management meeting reported on TweakTown Sega CEO, Haruki Satomi, revealed there were now no plans for a Sega NFT. He said: “If it is perceived as simple money-making, I would like to make a decision not to proceed.”

Sega classic logos

Above, the Sega logo we know and love, below the original Sega logo designed in 1956 (Image credit: Sega)

However, the new Sega NFT logo and its partner project, the Sega NFT Classics Collection, have ignited the imagination of fans. As well as being able to buy and collect old art and music, the Sega NFT Classics Collection logo suggests something bigger, the opportunity to buy and resell digital classic games. This could see Sega make use of NFTs to create a digital retro games marketplace. 

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