Your Guide to Navigating Sundance’s Bespoke Virtual Hub & New Frontier Experiences | by Aaron Hunt | Jan, 2022

Notes on Device Requirements
Certain New Frontier experiences require a Tethered headset (like a Quest 2 with a Link cable, or Rift S) and a connection to a PC with high processing power. Untethered Headsets (like a Quest 1 or Quest 2 without a Link) can be used without a connection to a high-powered PC. You can read more about their differences here. Other experiences are explicitly designed for a standard computer or mobile phone. Some are navigable from a headset as well as a computer or phone, although the latter two may work in a limited or truncated form (non-interactive or video walkthrough).

Artist Spotlight
According to Sundance, “The Spaceship’s Cinema House will host Artist Spotlight presentations by each of the New Frontier artist teams. Afterward, artists will be available to mingle and engage in conversation with audiences.” These spotlights are still being scheduled. We will update this post as soon as we know more.

All New Frontier Experiences require a stable internet connection and can be launched from the Gallery unless otherwise noted. All times listed are MST.

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 27, 9:00PM
Device: Computer or VR Headset on the Spaceship

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 22, 4:00PM; Jan. 23, 4:00PM; Jan. 27, 4:00PM; Jan. 28, 4:00PM
Device: Phone
(Check that your phone is charged, your headphones are ready, and that you are in a well-lit environment before attending a gathering in Cinema House. We also recommend that you open your phone’s settings and disable the screen sleep timer before the gathering.)
Additional Launch Steps:
1. The gathering will start with an introduction from the artist before the presentation of a QR code for you to scan.
2. You will be prompted to download the Testflight app. Open the Testflight app and download Atua.
3. Start Atua.

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 23, 12:00PM
Device: Quest 1 or Quest 2
Recommended User Position: Sitting/Standing

Artist Spotlight: “Cie Gilles Jobin’s team will be present online the whole festival and will be available to chat after each show of Cosmogony.”
Device: Computer or VR Headset on the Spaceship

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 26, 2:00pm
Device: Tethered SteamVR-compatible Headset, VR Capable PC, headphones (recommended)
PC minimum requirement: OS: 64-bit Windows 10, Processor: Intel i5 11600k / Ryzen 5 1600, Memory: 16 GB | Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 / AMD RX 580 Supported VR headsets: HTC VIVE Pro series + 2 controllers + 2 base stations (recommended), Oculus Rift S / Quest 2 with Oculus Link Cable + 2 controllers (compatible)
Recommended User Position: Swivel Chair
Navigation (Keyboard):
c — turn on/off closed captioning
r — reset the current scene
0 — return to title scene
1,2,3,4 — go to Scene 1, 2, 3, 4
b or left arrow key — go to the previous scene
n or right arrow key — go to the next scene
Misc: The film is in Chinese and English. All Chinese dialogues are subtitled.
Closed captioning is also available. The audience can turn it on/off at the title scene or with the keyboard shortcut “c” during the experience.

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 28 12:00pm
Device: Tethered SteamVR-compatible Headset (this experience requires a VR headset tethered to a VR-ready Windows PC with SteamVR installed)
Recommended User Position: Seated
Additional Launch Steps:
1. On your PC, go to the Gallery on the New Frontier Spaceship. Approach the Flat Earth VR gallery mural and click “LEARN MORE”.
2. Click the “LAUNCH EXPERIENCE” button and select “DOWNLOAD EXPERIENCE” to download FlatEarthVRInstaller.exe.
3. Please allow time for the download to complete, and then run FlatEarthVRInstaller.exe to complete the installation
4. After setting up your headset, click the “LAUNCH EXPERIENCE” button and then select “LAUNCH EXPERIENCE” to start Flat Earth VR.

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 26, 8:00PM
Device: Tethered SteamVR-compatible Headset or Computer (non-interactive via, streaming concurrently with every 24-hour recording) with recommended 1070 or above Graphics Card
Additional Launch Steps:
VR Headset
1. Download the file
2. Unzip the .zip file
3. Enter the folder
4. Double-click on the .exe ‘Gondwana’ — make sure your headset is plugged in before you do so!
1. Download the file
2. Unzip the .zip file
3. Enter the folder
4. Double-click on the .exe ‘Gondwana’
Navigation: “Controls are simple! Hold the trigger to move in the direction of your controller and explore the forest. Looking at your left wrist as if checking a watch will open your rainforest watch. Press Esc on the computer keyboard to open settings and turn on captions. Gondwana runs over 24 hours, so you’re welcome to stay as little or as long as you’d like (or drop back in over the course of your day). You can leave the rainforest via your rainforest watch.”

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 22, 12:00PM; Jan. 23,12:00PM; LIVE DISCORD EVENT: “Memory Implants,” of The INSIDE WORLD [join The Inside World Discord here]
Device: Computer
Additional Launch Steps: Web project accessed via Rules to the NFT Game are explained here.

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 22, 7:00PM
Device: Quest 2 (only)
Misc: “We encourage audience members to check out our website to learn more about the threat of nuclear weapons and how to get involved with stopping the effects of it within their own communities.”

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 27, 2:00PM
Device: Phone (any phone compatible with Augmented Reality. Developers recommend an Android phone as powerful or more powerful than a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an iOS as powerful or more powerful than an iPhone 8)
Recommended User Position: Standing (then seated, if the user chooses to sit), standard 2x2m space required
Additional Launch Steps: “On Android, Google Services for AR is required to run the application. Upon starting the application, you may be asked to download the Services if it isn’t already on the phone.
Download Links From an Android Phone:
In France:
Everywhere else:
From an iPhone
In France:
Everywhere else:

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 25, 6:00PM
Device: Quest 1 or Quest 2

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 24, 7:00PM
Device: Computer, phone (not recommended), or VR Headset
Recommended browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
Additional Launch Steps:
1. When you enter the Mozilla Hubs site, you will see a window giving the option to “Join Room,” “Enter on Device,” or “Spectate.” Click “Join Room” if entering on a computer, “Enter on a Device,” is using a headset.
2. You will need to grant microphone access to enter the experience, but you can keep yourself muted throughout.
3. Use WASD keys to move left, right, forward, and back.
4. To turn to your left, press the Q key, to turn your right press the E key.
5. To Look around press your trackpad or left-click your mouse and hold while you move your cursor around.
Navigation (Phone):
“Simply pinch and splay your fingers to move around.”
Misc: “Suga’ takes place in the Mozilla Hubs virtual hub. Participants can sign up for a performance via the link provided on the project page when the New Frontiers exhibition opens. Refresh, refresh, refresh! Most technical difficulties will be solved by refreshing your web browser. When your screen goes dark between scenes, please refresh your browser.”

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 27, 7:00PM
Device: Computer (recommended) or Mobile Phone
Misc: There is also a live performance component called “Womb Walk” that participants can register for once the exhibition opens.

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 26, 12:00PM
Device: Quest 1 or Quest 2
Misc: 2D Screening in the Cinema Hall on Jan. 28, 8:00PM

Artist Spotlight: Jan. 21, 1:00PM
Device: Quest 1 or Quest 2
Misc: “This Is Not a Ceremony is not a film. It is what we call a ‘cinematic VR experience.’ This sort of experience is immersive: it requires the user to look around at their surroundings and to inhabit the story. The viewer is literally placed within the 360° environment of the unfolding narrative.”

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